Fashion Sundays

Blink Babe Katie wrote our first guest post! Read on as she shares a bit of her fashion advice with you and why you should take part in Fashion Sundays

Consider this question:  What's your style?

How can we even begin to answer this question when for most of our lives, we are wearing a uniform?  Sure, you can add personal flare to your work clothes, or your child-tending clothes (do I really want spit-up on this blouse?), or even your pyjamas.... but for most of us we rarely have an opportunity to experiment with style, dress-code-free. 

This is why I reserve the right to my "Fashion Sundays".  Sundays are lazy days - no one expects anything from me, and I don't expect anything from myself.  I wake up when I'm ready to (no kids yet!), and I get dressed in a leisurely way, first asking myself - how am I feeling today? Sassy? Casual? Elegant? Glum? And I dress accordingly! I deliberately break fashion rules by wearing dresses to garden, by pairing delicate feminine garments with harsh sporty or urban styles, by donning paint clad or torn clothes, by digging up old garments that probably smell a little bit too much like my 30-year-old particle board dresser ("What? This old thing?" *smiles coyly... coughs*).  

The point is, on Sundays I'm just a little more free and relaxed to do what I want in general, and if my outfit is a reflection of whatever is going on inside, then my dress can be a little more relaxed, too - a little less bound by rules, and a little more creative and fun.

This Sunday, be creative and have fun. Dress to your mood - *whatever* it is!